The Rev. Dr. James E. Pedlar is the Donald N. and Kathleen G. Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies and Associate Professor of Theology at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, where he chairs the history and theology department and directs the ThM program and the MA in Historical and Theological Studies. He specializes in the study of the Church – especially questions involving reform movements, Christian unity, authority structures, and ecumenical dialogue. He is the President of the Wesleyan Theological Society, a Fellow of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre, a member of the Review Board of the Wesley Works Digitization Project, an Assistant Editor of Wesley and Methodist Studies, and a member of the Study Commission on Doctrine for the Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Dr. Pedlar previously worked with the Commission on Faith and Witness at the Canadian Council of Churches, and he served for seven years on the Canadian Roman Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue.  He has also worked for The Salvation Army, conducting a national research project on young adult attrition and serving as Community Ministries Director in the Quinte Region.

He is an ordained minister in the Free Methodist Church in Canada and serves as Worship and Teaching Pastor at Wesley Chapel Free Methodist Church. He and his wife, Samantha, have two daughters.

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17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, James. Appreciate your blog. I’m an Episcopal Rector in downtown Manhattan, former seminary professor (Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge PA), and share your passion for worship, liturgy and Christian unity. Many thanks!

    • Great to hear from you Greg. From what I’ve heard, Trinity School for Ministry and Wycliffe share a common ethos, so I’m not surprised we share some interests! Thanks for stopping by. Blessings on your ministry in Manhattan.

  2. Read your article on the Salvationist website about heresy. Thanks for the reminder of how differences have a positive side. Looking forward to the rest of the series and reading your blog.

  3. James, I can’t believe you have students at Tyndale disliking systematic theology, well maybe I can. Systematic is one topic I enjoyed while a student at Tyndale many years ago.

    • Hello Dale – nice to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well – where are you these days?

      Yes, it is sad but true, not everyone loves theology. Though most of them are able to mask their disgust during my lectures. I don’t see too many scowls…so far.

      • I’m semi-retired and working two days a week for the S.A. Harbour Light in an accounting position which was my profession before pastoral ministry. I was surprised to come across your site and learn what you are doing. Blessing to you.

  4. Greetings James!

    I was researching Wesley’s sermon on The Image of God and came across your blog… it is excellent my friend (not surprised at all :-)!!! Hope you and Samantha are doing well and abundanlty blessed in your journey. Much love and grace to you both! xoxo

  5. Hi James- a joy to come across your blog today. I liked your 2010 post on the complementary ideas of charismatic gifts to institutional offices of the Church & shared it on Twitter (e4unity). Glad to see we have a mutual friend-John Armstrong of ACT3.

  6. Dear brethren Receive my christian greetings from Kenya Africa in the
    gracious name of our beloved Holy one the Lord Jesus Christ from whom we
    are forgiven and saved. am greatly blessed and feel privileged to know
    you through your website, learn t about your faith and your desire to
    serve God. i run an independent fellowship church group in Kenya
    desiring to be established in your ministry. We are independent in that
    we are without any cover,are not under any mission, ministry or church
    organization. We request for your Christian literature materials and
    bibles. We pray that through God’s Holy Spirit at work, that you shall
    appreciate our interest and desire that we might find a definite
    spiritual partnership with your church ministry. May God richly
    bless you as we look forward for your feedback. Yours in
    Pastor Paul.

  7. Just saying, “Hi.” I found your site by a rather circuitous route. I am Regional Director for Alpha Ministries for Alberta. A church in Newbrook, affiliated with Standard Church of America, is running Alpha so I wondered about that denomination.
    I grew up myself in Southern Ontario attending another very old (now United) church congregation – Fifty United in Winona. In addition, my maternal grandfather was a Methodist, then United Church, minister around Southern Ontario.

  8. Hi Dr. Pedlar,

    My name is Woody Crosthwaite. I ran across your blog as I was (and am) looking on the web for information regarding a Wesleyan view of Covenant Theology. There are countless volumes on the traditional Reformed view and as much on a Covenant Theology vs. Dispensationalism comparison but there is precious little on how we as Wesleyans understand the Covenants of Grace and Works. I have found a good article by Dr. Vic Reasoner, but I’m just wanting even more. I was wondering if you have written specifically on the topic or if you could point me to any places on line where I may continue my study on this topic. I DO appreciate your time and any information you could provide! God bless!!

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