Signs that make me laugh: “La-DI$COUNT”

The Danforth near our house is just full of interesting independent stores, restaurants, and cafes.  It’s refreshing to live in a place where big chains don’t dominate the retail space.   Sometimes it also makes for some good entertainment.

I found this one near Danforth and Woodbine.  La-DI$COUNT.

Really?  La-DI$COUNT?

Why “La” Disount?   Is that supposed to add an air of French elegance?   I’m pretty sure refinement is not what you’re looking for if you’re a person who likes to buy linens, party supplies, hardware, electronics, and jewellery all in the same store.

More importantly, why the hyphen after “La”? 

I’m also pretty sure they don’t sell the adjective “stationary” at this store.  Pretty sure they mean stationery.  Apparently “jewelry” is US spelling, so that is a bit more understandable, but still funny.  

What about the guy who made this sign?  What was he thinking?  It  makes you wonder.

3 thoughts on “Signs that make me laugh: “La-DI$COUNT”

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