Signs that make me laugh: UK edition

This is long overdue – it’s been way too long since I posted some funny signs.  Samantha and I were recently in the UK for a holiday, and I spotted these gems.

First, a Scottish pun:

You’d think the Scots would be an unwelcoming bunch, since they’ve embrace the thistle as a national symbol.  But we found them to be quite friendly. This is from the Royal Mile, in Edinburgh.

Here’s a winner from town of Windermere in the Lake District.  No, “booze” does not mean something else in Britain.

This sign makes me laugh now that I’m at home and no longer have to drive on roads that are 6’6″ wide.   At the time, I was terrified.

I’m not sure who thought this would be a good name for a park.  Of course, the “Christ” here is Christ’s College, Cambridge, not Jesus Christ.  Still makes me laugh.

Hmm…that font and colour scheme looks familiar.  Guess they haven’t caught up with KFC’s new branding.  Somewhere in London, spotted from a double decker bus.

I guess there are finally enough Canadian ex-pats in London to keep this place going!

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