Top posts of 2010

As the year draws to a close I thought I’d take stock of what people have been reading on my blog.   Here are the most read posts for 2010.

The fact that the top two posts are about The Salvation Army and the sacraments tells me that Salvationists are still interested in discussing that issue (though some people want to consider it a closed case).

  1. A Comparison of Salvation Story and the 2010 Handbook of Doctrine
  2. Three Quotes from William Booth on the Sacraments
  3. Unsafe God
  4. Christ as the Good Samaritan
  5. The longest church name in the history of the world
  6. Signs that make me laugh: “Cats, Eye Fashion”
  7. The Salvation Army as an Order? An Early Catholic Comment
  8. The Good Samaritan, by John Newton
  9. Wrestling Jacob
  10. Signs that make me laugh: Creepy Doll is “Not For Sale”

Thanks for all who stopped by this past year.  For 2011 I’m planning to continue blogging through my work on my dissertation, as well as hunting for funny signs.  I was saddened to see that “Steak Queen” at the corner of Lawrence and Victoria Park has changed its name before I got a chance to snap a pic and feature it here.  But don’t worry, there’s lots of other material out there!

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