Excellent video on Bramwell Booth’s removal from office

A couple of years ago, John Larsson published his book 1929: A Crisis That Shaped the Salvation Army’s Future.  The book offers a very well written account of a fascinating period of Salvation Army history, when the Army’s second General, Bramwell Booth, was removed from office against his will.

Even people who aren’t particularly interested in Salvation Army history will find the story interesting, I think, because the the way things unfolded is actually quite unbelievable.  I recall thinking, as I was reading the book, that it would make a great movie!   It shows the very human side of many heroic figures from the second generation of Salvation Army leadership, as they get caught up in a struggle over how the office of General ought to be reformed.

The video tells the story better than I could – so have a look.

1929 The Salvation Army High Council from The Salvation Army UK on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Excellent video on Bramwell Booth’s removal from office

  1. I thought it was really well done. Saw a DVD of it last year in England, and I’m glad they’ve now made it available online to everyone.

  2. Excellent presentation of a strategic point in The Army’s history. I appreciate your blogs. I am learning a great deal. Thank You, Gerry

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